Goa Maharani

Posted by David Khoirul
Goa Maharani -- or Gua Maharani (English: Maharani Cave, Empress Cave) -- is a tourist attraction located in the village of Paciran, Lamongan Regency, East Java. The cave was discovered by a group of coral miners, about six people.

Sunyoto, the foreman in the mining location where the Maharani Cave was found, met two huge dragons with crowns surrounded by colorful flowers in his dream before he initiated the digging of the cave in August 6, 1992. The 2500-square-meter cave was named Maharani after Sunyoto's dream -- the crowned dragons. In March 10, 1994, former Lamongan regent Muhammad Faried officially confirmed the Maharani Cave as one of the best tourist attractions in East Java.

Next to the cave is Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL), a maritime recreation spot often known as Jatim Park 2, and in the Maharani Cave area itself was built a zoo called Maharani Zoo.

Local visitors from Blimbing, Brondong, Jompong, Sedayu, and Dengok visit the Maharani cave, particularly after they spend a couple of hours in WBL. The bridge connecting WBL and Maharani Zoo makes the access become even easier.