Four-year-old baby in Malang becomes heavy smoker

Posted by David Khoirul
Ever seen the youngest smoker? This four-year-old boy from Malang, East Java, Indonesia, is one the youngest heavy smokers on earth. Besides smoking -- up to four cigarettes per day -- the boy also learns to say Javanese bad words such as "jancuk," "tur*k", etc.

Yudi Hartono, psychologist of Muhammadiyah University Malang, say that the smoking boy needs intensive assistance to cut his bad adult-like behaviour.

Yudi said Sunday that the boy, who started to smoke at the age of a year and six months, also needs a supportive neighborhood to helping him from his smoking habit.

Antara state news agency reported that the boy is also familiar with rude words.

“The boy must be seriously supervised. He should be separated from adults who have been teaching him wrong attitudes. The boy has to learn proper knowledge. It’s a pity to see him in such condition,” said Yudi.

The boy’s mother, Mujiati, said that her son is indeed lacking of good supervision regarding to her demanding work hour. The father of the boy works out of town, she added


  1. What An Unbelievable Thing Smoking @ 4 Years Old

  2. I can hardly believe it bro. But it's true. The boy also says rude words like tur*k and jancuk (English: F**k you)