Facebook can't be accessed via other websites

Posted by David Khoirul
As a mobile blogger, I use web compressers like webxcope a lot. It helps me not only compress big web pages but also speed up the browsing. Last year in 2009, I used either webxcope or t9space to access the biggest social networking site Facebook from Opera Mini on my Nokia 6020. It worked well. Facebook pages, including the login form and the homepage, appeared in smaller size and faster speed. I could save a lot of pulsa (airtime) in my Indosat card.

But now, Facebook doesn't allow me to access its page via those web compresser services. Last week, I went to webxcope. Once I entered facebook.com it its searching box, a Facebook login page showed up and, as usual, I typed my login data like email and password. But what happened then? Facebook warned me that my login process was insecure and my homepage couldn't be accessed. When I tried to login via Facebook main site at facebook.com, I got the warning message again notifying that I had to fix the error by accessing my account via PC, not mobile devices. This message popped up because my webxcope is suspected as a hacker. Facebook also asked me to confirm via PC whether I did login at that particular time, and whether I could fill my birthday forms.

This is a great progress in Facebook protection system, I guess. By doing such warnings and notifications, Facebook has helped reduce the hacking cases often done by irresponsible persons.

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