Catur Amrullah's second novel

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Badai dan Malam Panjang di Bawean

Ilung Lanjang haunts every corner of Kumalasa, a tiny village in a small island of Bawean. Arul Chandrana is among those people who meet the Ilung Lanjang, a ghost popularly known in Bawean, and receive secret information about the future. It was when Arul's mother punishes him by not allowing him to sleep in the house. As Arul sleeps in the veranda, the ghost comes to him that night -- a mysterious encounter which leads to the upcoming meetings.

The village becomes restless. Many villagers stay awake at night to keep their houses and families, and wait for the ghost. But the restlessness turns even worse. The Ilung Lanjang's haunting can't be stopped untill an old man, who has a past experience with the Ilung Lanjang, remembers one thing: Ilung Lanjang will keep haunting unless the living wife comes to the grave of the Ilung Lanjang, who is suspectedly the ghost of Mr Tamam, a man who boards the ship in a stormy January from Bawean to Java and drowns during an accident.

Set in the 1950s, Badai dan Malam Panjang di Bawean offers the mythology in the island which is located approximately 150 km north of Surabaya in the Java sea. The author Catur Amrullah frames the novel with his flowery but strong language. His usage of words and exploitation of Bahasa Indonesia often attracts readers to keep reading till the end of the story. Catur, who claims himself as a Tunik (tulisan unik [unique writing]) writer, constantly extends vocabulary, plays with sound, experiments with rhythm, balance and punctuation, and masterfully wields Indonesia's potential for moving between obscurity and clarity, generalisation and specificity, distance and proximity.

The novel comes from a true ghost story told by his mother. This is the second novel after his first one in 2009 "Ray dan Keluarga Toe Melawan Tiger," a story of mice and cats that can talk and understand human language.

Bawean, with around 65,000 population, has only very few creative novelists like Catur. Although during his staying in Bawean Catur felt the the desperate of not being understood and his works not being respected, his moving to Java in 2005 brought something new, a bit fresher life, especially after he created his own weblog.

"Badai dan Malam Panjang di Bawean" is a great masterpiece about Baweanese culture, myth and wisdom, and is an expression of Catur's gratitude to the island where he used to be ignored.

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