Ahmad Jhony

Posted by David Khoirul

Although I claim myself as a mobile blogger, I don't guarantee my blog posts in davidkhoirul.blogspot.com are 100% published from mobile phone. Some are from desktop.

But Jhony is special. This guy from Blimbing, a fishing village in East Java, has posted all of his articles from his cellphone. Yes, 100% from phone. A teacher at Ribathul Muslimin Quranic School, Jhony sends his blog posts via E-mail in the messaging menu on his Nokia 5300.

Personallly I do appreciate his blogging spirit and envy at the same time. If you see some images on his posts, they are actually inserted from email as attachement files. He doesn't depend on PC to create a good post, and he struggles to write with high originality, no copy-paste. The 26-year-old man gathers interesting information from TV or news portal in the internet like DetikCom, then rewrite it with his own words, and post it in his blog.

His name is worth appearing in this page and being reviewed because his hard work as a mobile blogger may inspire others to keep blogging despite the lack of blogging device. Just don't depend on PC. Blogging can still be done even if you just own an old Nokia 6020, the one that I use for blogging now.

Visit Jhony's blog at jhonyahmad.blogspot.com. Leave him some comments.


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