Sedayu Lawas

Posted by David Khoirul
Sedayu Lawas, literally meaning the old Sedayu or the former sedayu, is a fishing village in East Java. This name is given to the village particularly because there are two places called Sedayu in East Java: Sedayu Kutha and Sedayu Lawas. Sedayu Lawas is located in the regency of Lamongan and is the neighbouring village of Gowah/Blimbing, while Sedayu Kutha, or Sedayu City, is a small town in eastern Java.

Sedayu Lawas is known for its Gunung Kendil, a hill forming a kendil or pot. Gunung Kendil itself means Mount Pot -- Javanese always say gunung (mount) to refer to either mountain or hills. The hill of Kendil really looks like a traditional Javanese cooking pot when being spotted in a certain distance, from the main road for example. Want to pay a visit?


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