Opera Mini - Mobile Browser

Posted by David Khoirul
Opera Mini Phone BrowserOpera Mini, a mobile browser produced by Opera Software company, has helped me a lot in blogging. My phone default browser, here in Sony K600i, doesn't have what opera has: data compression, multiple tabs, download manager.

Recently, the company has launched its newest version Opera Mini 5 with some features added. Unlike the previous versions, Opera Mini newest versions work on smartphone platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, Blackberry OS, UIQ3, Symbian, and Zeebo.

A number of Russian Java programmers even modify Opera Mini 4 to allow users set proxy, queries and filtering, and enable multiple tabs, download manager and file explorer. It's called Opera Mini 4 Mod Handler, a version that I always use to create blog posts -- including the ones you're reading right now.

Officially launched worldwide on January 24, 2006, Opera Mini is used by Indonesians more frequently than desktop browsers.


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