Gowah Blimbing Paciran

Posted by David Khoirul
Desa Gowah Blimbing PaciranBlimbing is the Bahasa Indonesia word for star fruit, and gowah for cave. But it is not about fruit nor cave. This is another Blimbing, a village, a place where fishermen gather, a peaceful coastal area.

Table of content
  1. Where is it located
  2. The difference between Gowah and Blimbing
  3. Education
  4. What is Blimbing known for
  5. What does the word Gowah mean

Where is Gowah or Blimbing Located?

Gowah village, Blimbing, Paciran, is located in the North coast of East Java in the regency of Lamongan. These three names -- Gowah, Blimbing, Paciran -- are the names of small villages, where fishermen can be seen almost everywhere. Paciran, a dynamic Islamic village, is the subdistrict for both Gowah and Blimbing and other villages such as Dengok, Kandang Semangkon, Brondong, Grenjeng, Kebon, Kali Pedot, Pilok, Sido Kumpul, and Sedayu Lawas. It is only about 2km from Wisata Bahari Lamongan, the East Java's third biggest tourist attraction.

What Is the Difference Between Gowah and Blimbing?

Both Gowah and Blimbing are actually the same. It's a bit difficult for me to explain, but if Blimbing were Australia, Gowah would be Canberra. See what I mean? So Gowah is a part of Blimbing, which is the largest village in Lamongan, a regency known for its footbal team PERSELA. Gowah is often claimed to be the headquarters of Blimbing. Oftentimes in a particular time, Blimbing villagers gather in Gowah to attend big events such as Eid prayers, Independence Day celebration and music concerts.

Where Do Blimbing People Pursue Their Education?

Most kids in Blimbing enroll in local primary schools such as MIM 11 TPAY, SD Islam Sultan Agung, MIM Dengok, and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Blimbing; their Junior High School years are often spent in Paciran, though. In the village of Paciran, some good quality Islamic schools exist. Young students, for example, can study at Pondok Pesantren Karang Asem, Pondok Pesantren Modern, and Pondok Pesantren Mazraatul Ulum, three boarding schools which are located in the same block. In Pondok Pesantren, students stay in the boarding house and are educated by Ustadz, male teachers; and UStadzah, female teachers. The word pondok itself means boarding house.

What Is Blimbing Known for?

Blimbing is famous for the generosity of its people and for their hard and stubborn manner. In Blimbing, people speak extremely loud. Very often they say bad words such as jancuk and pathakmu to insult others. Even in a normal communication, people sound like being mad or angry. Blimbing people don't hesitate to spend lots of money for mosques, schools or social programs, and feel nothing is lost from them.

What Does the Word Gowah Mean?

Gowah is derived from the Bahasa Indonesia word Goa, which means cave. It is said that a long time ago in the village, a mysterious cave was found by Kardiman, a local fisherman who happened to feed his sheep. A few days after it was found, the cave disappeared. Seeing the mysterious disappearance of the cave and realizing that their village did not have a name yet, people then agreed to name the village Gowah, after the disappearing cave.


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